Survivor Tactics

“Been there, done that” may well be your reaction to more advice on how to land a part time 
job.  However, in today’s slow economy you need to think differently to get noticed. Of 
course, you still have to go the traditional route of applying through classifieds or job 
sites. It’s time to beef up your old routine with fresh strategies. Here are  some creative 
ideas to get noticed by employers and stay ahead of the competition.
  1. Join e-groups. There are groups for engineers, writers, freelancers, interior designers, cooks—just about any occupation you can think of. If you haven’t tapped these online communities, sign up now.

  2. Exceed expectations. It never hurts to see things from the employer’s viewpoint. One young writer outdid his experienced competitors by including with his resume not just his work samples, but a comprehensive list of related article suggestions. The editor appreciated his enthusiasm and hired him.

  3. Keep connected. A long period of unemployment can make you want to hide. Don’t. Personal referrals and networking are still as effective as ever. Stay in good terms with your friends, peers, colleagues, bosses, church groups, even ex-girlfriends. They can put in a good word or two for you to a potential employer. Go to workshops, trade shows, conferences and other professional events to get industry updates and connections.

  4. Consider a side field. If your expertise isn’t the most in demand at the moment, how about taking a related job?  This way, you’ll pick up a couple of new skills as you wait for your career to sizzle again. Your additional knowledge will earn you extra points with the recruiter.

  5. Be a volunteer. It may seem like a demotion, but working without pay or for a token fee can still be a door to better opportunities. Also, you avoid embarrassing questions about work gaps even as you manage to keep your skills sharp.