Job Hunting Skills

Here is the some procedure which will help in your search for work or an alternative career. Having a procedure helps you to have goals and stick to them. It also really helps you to be efficient and effective in your search for work.

Type of Job
Decide what kind of work you are interested in and how far you will travel for work. Decide on the types of work that interest you most and keep your options open but be realistic.Find out more about jobs that interest you by going online or talking to people in the industry. You will find this will either add to your interest or you may decide ‘it’s not for you after all’.Consider what work pattern you are open to; full time, part time, casual, contract, or self employed.Consider making an appointment to see someone and discuss your options. Stay open to new opportunities and possibilities.

Set a Time Frame
Work out a ‘job search time frame’ and set up an email account.There is a saying; “by failing to plan, you plan to fail”.This can also be true for your job search process. Be organised in going about your challenge in finding work and you will find it a lot easier to succeed.Below is an example of how you can use this ‘job search plan’ to create your own timeline.Ensure you set up an email account. Most employers these days require you to email your job applications. If you are applying for jobs online, you will also need an email address. Try to use an email address that is professional and suitable for work purposes (do not use inappropriate or silly nick names). If it is possible to use your first/last name, then this is ideal.Free email accounts are available from providers such as .

Organised and Manage
Get organised. Gather your supporting documents together electronically and in hard copy format. Organise your resume, certificates, qualifications and awards.Many employers now receive your details via email or they are uploaded online, so it would be wise to scan all of your hard copy documents and save them on a pdf file.

Shortlisted of Jobs
Keep a record of all of your contacts and job search details. It helps to organise these into a job search contact list.Record all telephone contacts with dates, numbers, times and outcomes so you can track your efforts and organise your follow-up.If you are computer savvy, you may like to use Outlook or a similar program to record your efforts, set tasks, timelines and flag yourself to follow up.

The Ways or Methods of Job Hunt
There are several ways to hunt the parttime jobs; examples: Agencies, Online Vacancies (e.g., Newspapers. Get out there, approach potential employers. Be well presented, polite and innovative. Note down pros and cons for each job interviewed. Decide which to go.