Avoid Job Scams or Spam

Job scams or spam have existed for a very long time in Malaysia and averywhere. Job scams or spam always appear in job recruitment websites and classifieds websites. It does not matter whether a website provides free listing or paid listings. scammers will still put up their advertisements.

The best way to avoid being scammed (by job scams or other types of scams) is to use common sense & basic knowledge when you are using the website. If it sounds too good, then it should be avoided.

There are a few signs to becareful for:
Promises high income for easy job or short period job
If the job ad promises lots of money fast, it’s better to look the other way. It may not or may not be a scam, it could be Multi Level Marketing recruitment or something similar. Just be careful and be prepared for what you are getting into if you want to take the chance.

Job ads with attractive wordings
The suspicious job ads normally use a lot of attractive words (for example, ‘unlimited income’, ‘work comfortably from home’, ‘no effort’, data entry at home, escort job). This is their way of attracting their potential victims.

Asks you for money or register fee
The most telling part of a job scam is the need of an up-front payment from you. The potential employer may say that the payment is for deposit or for work material, just don’t get involved. Never pay any money for a job. An actual company will not ask you for money for any reason. If you have applied for the job and the employer asks for payment, don’t pay.

Apart from jobs scams or employment scams, there are also many other types of scams. The scammers will always adapt and change their methods. So, remember to use your common sense, be knowledgeble and don’t be greedy.