Tour Guide

Tour Guide

Employer or Agency Details Employer Name: WV Services Malaysia Sdn Bhd Contact: 0162982832 Website: Job Details Job Location: Mid Valley KL On Site: Yes Salary: RM2000 Start Date: 14-10-2019 Working Duration: Freelance Working Hours: Freelance Skill Needed: Job Description We are looking for Travel Consultant! Now you can take this opportunity to built a business about tourism Do you take your family to travel abroad often? Do you want to built your own tourism business? Do you want to have a stable income every month? We don’t need to be a tour guide, but we can let you get free travel and earn money! Within 90 days, teach you to do tourism, travel, and free travel. Friends who like to travel, don’t miss this opportunity (Let you know more about Travel Business) *If you are interested, please contact 016-2982832(sunny) or Email to *If you want to know more, you MUST be able to attend our sharing session! 热爱旅游的你们机会来啦! 现在你们可以把握这个机会经营关于旅游的事业 想经常带家人出国旅游? 想拥有属于自己的旅游事业? 想每个月拥有稳定管道收入? 我们无需做导游,但可以让你免费旅游和赚钱! 90天之内,教你做旅游,玩旅游,赚旅游 喜欢去旅游的朋友,千万别错过这个机会(让你更了解旅游商机) *如果您有兴趣,请联系016-2982832(sunny)或发送电子邮件至 *想要了解更多,必须可以出席我们的分享会!

RM2000 for Travel Preneur at Mid Valley KL

Employer or Agency Details Employer Name: Sally Contact: +601128804219 Website: Job Details Job Location: Kelantan On Site: Yes Salary: RM150 Start Date: 22-01-2019 Working Duration: 8 hours Working Hours: 8 hours Skill Needed: Garder task, cleaning, culinary, construction Job Description The worker task as below: -Take care of garden and resort/homestay/treehouse/bed -Cooking for guest/ors -Tour guide -Cleaning -Construction for new room/resort/building Quantity of workers we look for: 4 no Company will provide free stay/accommodation to the workers. Only for serious workers, Whatsapp me +601128804219

RM150 for Resort Workers at Kelantan

Employer or Agency Details Employer Name: Luxfort Resources Contact: 016-2800772 Website: Job Details Job Location: Bukit Bintang On Site: Yes Salary: RM500 – RM 1000 Start Date: 01-06-2017 Working Duration: Flexible Working Hours: Flexible Skill Needed: Fluent in English Job Description • To handle all Room Bookings calls. • Welcome Guest • Assist to check the room condition during check in and check out • Ensure the cleanliness of the unit Working hour depend on availability ( minimum 15 hour/ month) Interested Candidate please contact 018-2800772, David

RM500 – RM 1000 for Hospitality Assistant at Bukit Bintang