RM180-RM200 for UHT and Pasteurized Milk Survey at Kuala Lumpur

Employer or Agency Details
Employer Name: Chan Market Research
Contact: 169670644
Website: https://www.google.com/

Job Details
Job Location: Kuala Lumpur
On Site: Yes
Salary: RM180-RM200
Start Date: 11-10-2018
Working Duration: 2 hours
Working Hours: 130pm, 3pm, 630pm
Skill Needed: Communications Skill

Job Description

UHT / Pasteurized Milk Survey – RM 180-RM200 (Cash on the spot)
– Discussion to get your opinions/experiences in milk products
– Location in Mid Valley (Exact Location To Be Given Upon Confirmation)

Date and time below:
Group 1 – RM180
11 Oct, Thurs, 3pm-5pm+,
Chinese / Mandarin speaking
Female, aged 20-25

Group 2 – RM180
11 Oct, Thurs, 630pm-830pm+,
Malay / Malay speaking
Male & female, aged 26-35

Group 3 – RM200
12 Oct, Fri, 130pm-330pm+,
Malay, Chinese, Indian / English speaking
Male & female, aged 20-25

Please fill in the details below and email to Oscarchanjob(AT)yahoo.com.my, thanks.

Occupation & Industry:
Personal Income:
Household Income:
Education Level:
Marital Status:
Kid(s)’ Age if Any:
Which One You Consume, UHT or Pasterized Milk:
Brand & Variant Consume:
Frequency of Consume It (Eg, once a week, once a month…):
Where Do You Purchase the Milk Normally:

Leave Your Contact Number or Resume to admin@parttimestreet.com