RM5 per hour for Shop Assistant at Dayabumi Complex

Employer or Agency Details
Employer Name: Dersusse Desserts
Contact: 0128588420

Job Details
Job Location: Dayabumi Complex
On Site: Yes
Salary: RM5 per hour
Start Date: 14-08-2018
Working Duration: 3 days per week
Working Hours: 11am until 4pm
Skill Needed: Sales skill , friendly and easy to work with

Job Description

Bake shop need a assistant sales to cater her customers. Serve cakes and other desserts. Only take aways, no dine in.
1) malay
2) friendly and honest
3) love cakes!

Work for 3 days in a week. From 11am until 4pm.

Benefit: Lunch provided.

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