RM80 per video for Models For Mini Video at KUALA LUMPUR

Employer or Agency Details
Employer Name: Louis Khoo
Contact: 018-2791188

Job Details
Job Location: KUALA LUMPUR
On Site: Yes
Salary: RM80 per video
Start Date: 20-05-2018
Working Duration: One Hour Per Day
Working Hours: 9am to 5pm
Skill Needed: Modeling, Posing.

Job Description

Hi. We looking for 20 female models for Mini Video Influencer on beauty topic. Race= Open to All Race. Malaysian only.
– Age: 17– 35 years old
-Salary – Payment minimum is RM80 per mini video (15 seconds) after your video be selected. Must be original video never post on other channel such as Instagram or Youtube. One month can be submit up to maximum 8 mini video to us for selection. 2 Mini video per week. Total payment to you will be RM80 x 8 = RM640 per month after all 8 video selected. Payment will bank in to you after two weeks.
Training provided on how to record mini video and sample video provided.
Can record your mini video (15 seconds) any place at your free time and submit to us.
Working Duration :
Start at May 2018 (8 Mini video every month) (2 Mini video per week)
Application can send email and attached Photos and commcards with your contact to me and can contact me for more details at 018-2791188 Louis Khoo

Leave Your Contact Number or Resume to admin@parttimestreet.com