Blog: Part Time Job Trend & Demand


Research from the Parttimestreet examined the search demand of job seekers across a wide variety of occupations, revealing that 75% of people are searching for jobs outside of their current occupation, 25% of people are searching in their current occupation, and that the higher the share of job postings in an occupation, the more attractive it is to job seekers.

One trend that stood out from those patterns was that “part-time” is a top search term in 15 of the 20 standard occupational categories we studied. Despite a downward trend from its 2017 peak, approximately 5 million Malaysians are working part-time for economic reasons, meaning that their full-time position has been reduced to part-time or they are unable to find full-time employment — a figure that is roughly 60% greater than the prerecession level. The increasingly significant role of part-time employment in the labor market recovery prompted us to get a better sense of how people are searching for these jobs.

Key Factors

  • Part-time interest is much stronger for women, particularly early and later in a career
  • Workers are much more keen on part-time employment in lower cost living
  • IT and Technology job seeker are highly interested in part-time employment

Part-time Jobs Garner More Interest From Women

Interest in part-time jobs from women is elevated around the ages of 18 to 35, and it recedes gradually for several years before picking up again and ultimately peaking at the tail-end of a career. Throughout their careers, women’s interest in part-time jobs is greater than men’s. Moreover, the gap between the percentage of clicks on part-time jobs from men and women steadily widens as workers age. This can be attributed to the share of clicks on part-time jobs by women increasing at a faster rate.


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