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Best Jobs For Student

Many student is asking what is the best job for them during the College or University life. If you are a student, maybe you will asking this too. Of course many student want to make some extra money when they have free time, therefore they will seek for part time or freelance jobs.

From our research, 70% of student seeking for flexible working hour jobs. That mean they prefer work with no time constraint. And based on our record, 90% of the student is diploma or STPM certificate holder, that mean they are knowledgeable. From the above research, what is the best job for students?

 Yes, the answer is tuition teacher. Teaching is a well-regarded profession that provides excitement, challenges and a chance to motivate others & self to achieve goals. Tuition teacher provide flexible time for the student and in the same time can improve the communication skill of the student.

Now, the question is how to become a good tuition teacher? A good tuition teachers are made up of hundreds of qualities that let them do their jobs effectively. Every tuition teacher is unique and has some qualities that can make them a good tuition teacher. The utmost quality of a Great Tuition Teacher must have excellent classroom management skill. They must ensure good student behavior with well-organised study, and a proper sense of respect in the classroom.

Personality traits that make tuition teacher great includes:

1. Engaging personality and teaching style that grabs attention of student in all discussions.

2. Establish clear objectives for lessons and work on them to meet the defined objectives during each class.

3. Promote positive behaviours in classrooms to have effective discipline skills.

4. Be passionate about teaching and uphold working with students.

5. Maintain open communication with parents and keep them In-Touch about what’s going on in the classroom.

6. Developing strong rapport with children and build trusting relationships.

7. Great teachers know that listening and working with students, can encourage them to unlock their learning capabilities.

Are you ready to be a tuition teacher now? Drop us an email, and we will offer the job opportunity to you.

Good Luck!

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