Blog: 7 Mistakes During the Interview

Normally, a job application consists of 3 steps: first, send your resume to the hiring manager, then receive a call for the interview, and lastly the interview day. You’re halfway through if you have passed the first stage. Now be ready for the second and last stage which is the interview.

No worries, Maukerja will help you and together we will make sure you nail it! Avoid these 7 common mistakes during an interview and you’re all good to go!

1) Show up late for the interview

Showing up late for the interview is a big NO! 5 minutes late is cutting it close, but half an hour or more is unacceptable. Know that hiring managers have already allocated time for you regardless how packed their schedules are. Please be more respectful and plan your journey ahead.

2) Bring the whole troop for the interview

Yes, your whole family is excited because you got the interview. Alright, your family wants to support you but that doesn’t mean you can bring the whole troop with you. Never ask your parents to accompany you. The last time your parents need to accompany you was when you’re a 6-year-old.

3) Not interested in the interview

You’ve sent the resume, so that shows you’re very interested in the job position offered. So could you please be more serious? Switch off your phone and respect the interviewer. If you’re not interested, you shouldn’t have come for the interview in the first place. It’sthe plain truth.

4) Where’s your resume?

It’s common for the interviewer to ask you to email your resume/CV/cover letter and all necessary documents prior the interview day. But still, you should bring extra copies for the interview. Don’t expect them to print it out for you.

5) Not fully prepared

Spend some time to study about the company’s background, the job position, the hierarchy of the organisation, and more. This will make the interviewer favour you due to your knowledge about their organisation.

6) Watch your manner

It’s a sad truth but the age gap between the interviewers and job seekers has become one reason why job seekers can come across as rude. Answer all questions politely. The interviewer is not your buddy, so don’t call them “bro” or “dude”.

7) Give harsh comments about your previous boss

If the interviewer asks about your previous employer, remember this advice; “never talk badly about other people.” No matter how bad your boss was, don’t give negative remarks about him/her to your potential boss. It shows that you’ll do exactly the same about them in future.

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