RM35-100 for Part time Mystery shopping at Entire Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak 1

Employer Name: Cardas Research and Consulting

Contact: 0378010688

On Site: Yes

Salary: RM35-100

Start Date: 28-02-2017

Working Hours: 40 minutes/ per task

Working Duration: Day and Night

Skill Needed: Driving,writing,computer literacy

Job Description: Cardas Research & Consulting Group (CRCG) was founded in 2002 and is one of the leading privately held marketing research and consultancy firms in Malaysia.Our ability to transform the relevant information into new insights by enhancing your business strengths will create greater growth opportunities for your business. This information will provide you with new insight and lead to your business’ improved decision makingProven as a valuable catalyst in various aspects of business processes,we continue to assist our clients in maximizing their brand equity and brand performance through valuable marketing research with the employment of high quality resources. Good quality research is dependent on good quality resources. Cardas Research & Consulting Group (CRCG) ensures that every project is executed with the aid of a highly experienced team of dedicated professionals. Our professionals are committed to providing personal attention to your unique needs.

What is Mystery Shopping? Mystery Shopping is an evaluation method that is practiced since 1940’s by companies or firms to find out how their products and services are received and thought by their customer. In Mystery Shopping, it involves:

Mystery Shopper posing as a regular customer evaluating products and services provided by the company.
With the evaluation, crucial information will be generated with objectives to improve service quality
Improve the sales and the revenue in a company/ firm.

Requirement : –
23-49 years old.
Need part time job
Access internet

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