RM800-RM1200 for Tuition Teacher at Bukit Jalil, Batu Caves, Johor Bharu

Employer Name: Sribhagawan Education Group

Contact: www.teacheryap.com

On Site: Yes

Salary: RM800-RM1200

Start Date: 31-12-2016

Working Hours: flexible

Working Duration: flexible

Skill Needed: flexible

Job Description: Requirements
Want to be a teacher, but have no teaching experience or diploma?
No systematic teaching process, students do not progress?
Without continuous professional training and powerless?
You work very hard, but you can not get the pay and promotion?
Are you tired of the company’s personnel problems?
The company’s platform allows you to develop stagnation?
Want to develop in education, but no direction and guidance?
We offer a comprehensive education career counseling and career personality testing
Let you know more about how you can make a breakthrough in the cause!
Non-general recruitment interview, you experience it?
Creative teaching center recruitment teacher
We are looking for you like this:
Like teaching, you want to contribute to the children and love
With affinity, and children can communicate unimpeded
Patient, attentive, cordial, gentle, positive, creative
Have a sense of responsibility, execution, communication skills
We will train you and you will be responsible for:
1 to 1 teaches 3-12 year old children, Chinese witch reading literacy / abacus / early childhood brain development
Enhance children’s learning ability, encourage children to continue to progress
18-24 months, the outstanding person must be promoted to become a trainer / center responsible person
Creative Center Recruitment Full Time Leader
Additional Benefits
Attitude + experience + ability + dream = good salary, salary interview
Salary + Incentives + Bonus + 100% Attendance Bonus + EPF / SOCSO
Degree in Early Childhood RM2300-RM3000 ++
Diploma in Early Childhood RM1900-RM2500 ++
STPM RM1700-RM2300 ++
SPM RM1500-RM2000 ++
Access to comprehensive teaching skills training and guidance, to accept the headquarters assessment and certification
Access to education in professional training, including personal growth and career planning
Awarded teaching certification and Teaching Permit
Creativity and effectiveness of the teaching system (we are not a tutorial center)
No time-consuming preparation of materials and curriculum
Chances are in your hands! Youth is still, the dream to be fast!
Welcome to join the education industry, want to get training and cultivation opportunities you join!
Provide free accommodation / only women / accommodation and safe working environment
Benefits: 18-day public holidays, 14-day paid vacations, MC Leave & MC Claimed, outings, accommodation, transportation, incentive lectures, Team Building Camp, Annual Dinner, Educational Workshop and more.
Sribhagawan Education Group Sdn Bhd 49 centers across Malaysia
On-the-job training is available at the Selon / South / North / East centers
Join us in a big family of 200 and realize your dream from here!

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