RM50 for Malay-Language Writers – RM50 per piece at Anywhere

Employer Name: Jocelyn

Contact: jocelynror@gmail.com

On Site: No

Salary: RM50

Start Date: 5th Oct 2016

Working Hours: Anytime

Skill Needed: Writing

Job Description: WangTarik.com is looking for Malay-language writers in the subject of personal finance, money management, finding deals, entreprenuership, business and related subjects. The writers will write 600-800 word Malay-language articles and compensated RM50 per accepted article.

Please send at least 2 samples of published work to jocelynror@gmail.com. No samples but strong examples and proof of writing skills may be accepted.

We are looking for articles that look like:
Cara Gadis Ini Berjalan Ke Eropah Sebulan Dengan Bajet RM3000
Pakai 10 Tips Ini Kalau Nak Graduate Universiti Tanpa Hutang
Selalu Hantar Resume Tapi Jarang Dipanggil Interview? Keluarkan Ayat Ini Sekarang
10 Realiti Sebenar Bisnes Dari Rumah
15 Orang Share Lunch Apa Dia Bawak ke Office

What you’re looking for is samples that have:
Conversational tone
Clear opening, content and closing paragraphs
Based on facts, not opinions
Not sexist, overly religious or otherwise rude to any communities or identities

Please contact: jocelynror@gmail.com for more information.

Leave Your Contact Number or Resume to admin@parttimestreet.com