RM350 for Instructor at PJ

Employer Name: Nutty Scientists Malaysia

Contact: 0193221144

On Site: No

Salary: RM350

Start Date: 01-10-2016

Working Hours: 3

Working Duration: Flexible

Skill Needed: Promotion, interaction with kids age 4-16 years old, highly energetic & fun loving personality

Job Description: Job description:
1. To impart knowledge and skills to create FUN,
lively interactive activities and workshops related to science, technology and engineering ( STEM ) for kids aged 4-16 years
2. Creative mind set with full enthusiasm, able to narrate the script confidently, ie, storytelling, together with hands on science demonstration & seek full engagement from the participating kids & ensuring at all times, EXCLUSIVE loyalty to NS Malaysia only
3. Promote and market NS offering various value added services, selection packages of courses, thematic activities, special events & functions, workshops that offers by Nutty Scientists Malaysia to target audience, ie pre schools, primary schools, private schools according to their specific needs
4. Self driven, independent in nature, with dynamic, and always on the go mode to carry out & accomplished planned tasks, science workshops, science events, on site lab science experimental course ( MAKING IT HAPPEN !)
5. Keep abreast with competitor’s business activities, make a sound comparison which derived the GREATNESS successful tracks, always up to date with market field information, total absolutely well in identifying competitor’s various channel stream of clientele and work with NS marketing team, & directors for securing business, expand existing & new network for optimum sales figures result
6. Regularly maintain inventory status, and keeping lab outlet Manager well informed for procurement purposes
7. Daily housekeeping of flyers, brochures and collaterals

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