RM200 for Pokemon Go trainer for hired at Kuala Lumpur

Employer Name: Ben

Contact: 017-6044989

On Site: Yes

Salary: RM200

Start Date: 12-08-2016

Working Hours: Flexible

Working Duration: Flexible

Skill Needed: Active

Job Description: Pokemon Go is finally coming to Malaysia!

You wish to train your Pokemon but has no time? I can help you with the following services:

1. Catch ’em all: Catch any new pokemon you have not encounter before, catch existing pokemon and level up your pokemon
2. Pokestop shopping: I will go around town to ALL the available Pokestop and collect all the items for you
3. Egg hatching service: Every day I will run for 2km/5km/10km to hatch your previous earn eggs to register the new pokemon into your Pokedex
4. Gym challenger: I will go the selected gym and try to conquer the gym and get the precious items, together, we can do it!

Please contact me: 017-6044989 for more details.
Thank you!

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