RM100/day or RM10/house for Speedrent at Klang Valley

Employer Name: Speedrent

Contact: Speedrent

On Site: Yes

Salary: RM100/day or RM10/house

Start Date: 01-07-2016

Working Hours: Flexible

Working Duration: Flexible

Skill Needed: Basic Photography

Job Description: MULTIPLE Freelance Photographers for hire: House for rent photography

Task description:
– Speedrent.com operate an owner-focused portals with thousands units for rent and requiring freelance photographer to take HD + good angle photos and short 30 seconds video.
– Photo and Video Editing is not required but is a plus if you can do it.
– It will be 30-50 houses ready for photoshoot per week. Every 10 houses photoshoot will be RM100.
– The rental houses are located only within Klang Valley and tasked area will usually within 5km radius for example: Ampang, Kota Damansara, Puchong or Kelana Jaya.
– Each task will within a day, it could be weekday or weekend. Every house session expecting to spend less than 10 minutes on sites. The number of houses for a day session is varies, ranging from 3 to 15 units. The pay will be will be sorted according to the ratio of RM100 per 10 houses.
– It’s a multiple tasks job, you will be notified when there’s a task available for take up.
– The pay will be transferred to your bank account within 36 hours upon your transfer of photos and videos to us.
– The quality need to be better than this: www.speedrent.com/rent/VNPYIHSF

– You are not necessary to be a pro, can be a beginner who equip with DSLR or equivalent gear to photoshoot and video-shoot. If you have phone such as iPhone6s with a good quality photoshoot and video-shoot camera capability, it’s possible take take this job too.
– Student are most welcomed.
– We are expecting to recruit a total of 10 freelancer to take up the tasks whenever is available for grab.

– Want to know more about Speedrent.com? Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAOe-nC1IBQ

– Interested to take up this task or more question? Whatsapp to 0192023800 (no calling) or email to hello@speedrent.com with email title: Freelance Photographer for Hire

Leave Your Contact Number or Resume to admin@parttimestreet.com