RM2300-2800 for Construction Site Supervisor – Flooring at Shah Alam

Employer Name: Florenza Flooring

Contact: 0122977847 Mr. Yee

On Site: Yes

Salary: RM2300-2800

Start Date: 11-04-2016

Working Hours: 9am-6pm

Working Duration: Daily

Skill Needed: Management

Job Description: Hi, I’m hiring site supervisor urgently for contract at least 6 mths. Upon probationary complete can review for permanent. Salary can revise upon confirmation.
A)Rm2,300 – petrol and toll not excluded. Claim as per receipt
B)Rm2,800 – petrol , toll are included

Mon-Fri. (9am-6pm) with epf and socso

Site supervisor jobs description for daily work routine:-

1. Working at one site location only – Shah Alam. Opposite i city mall

2. Every morning make sure all designated worker attend working site e.g 10 workers. 9am-6pm. If any absence report to their head and office. Make sure the head got provide replacement else make sure daily job target hit. Make sure all bring passport and green card to work daily.

3. Make sure daily work target achieved e.g 5units/3,000sqft flooring completed. If do less must reported immediately and Nxt day need replace the balance and still remain hit daily target. If hit more is bonus. So Nxt day target lesser and easier hit.

4. Make sure all worker wear safety gear whenever at working site Eg safety hat, safety shoe. Else cannot enter.

5. Safety first. Make sure worker don’t smoke , eat or nature call at working site. Can only go to designated resting room if needed.

6. Make sure equipment not placing messy and dangerously. Must place accordingly

7. Make sure all workers must throw any rubbish at designated disposal area only.

8. Make sure daily work target hit and quality hit. Any quality problem must report immediately to their head and office and correct on the spot

9. Do simple daily report which excel is ready. Just fill up and put remark any incident happen

10. If any workers violated above rules. Joint down their name and their fault. And report to their head and office. Caused they will kena fine

11. Any accident must report immediately to project manager , their supervisor and office.

12. Attend meeting with client and project manager every once a week at working site for work progress update and voice out problem at site that affect the work n work quality.

14. Record down any request made by project manager in daily report and get their signature acknowledgement. Example added work. Then report to office for approval before proceed. Eg variation order.

15. Record any other request made by project manager or our workers in the daily report. Then report to office for further action if necessary.

16. Get close with project manager and engineer all the time. Small treat like yumcha and rokok can be claimed when necessary subject to approval.

Site supervisor no need 24 hour at site so long the above criteria are achieved.

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