Blog: Signs That You’re Doing A Good Job

Starting a job can give you a rollercoaster emotions. Sometimes you feel happy and excited about it and sometimes you feel so nervous and timid and it’s like you didn’t do great in your job. Have you ever feel like you have zero idea what you’re doing right now? You don’t know either your boss is happy with your performance and the main problem is you don’t know either you’re doing okay or bad.

Cut the panic and here are six key signs you’re doing good in your job and you’re still an awesome employee even if your boss doesn’t say that often:

1. Feedback all day


Are you kidding? Shouldn’t you be receiving more praise and less feedback as an indication that you’re doing well? Try to think this way, if you’re performing very well then your boss must be really eager to give you feedback as in constructive criticism, not negative criticism so that you will become better. Your boss wants you to do great in your job, hence your boss will keep challenging you. Don’t assume that getting feedback means you’re in a rough boat, okay?

2. The master for any questions


You’re the first person that your colleagues run into whenever they have any enquiries. This is not somewhat a torture for you, they actually trust you. You’ve established yourself as an expert resource and your colleagues are comfortable approaching you for assistance. You have to accept it that you’re a capable employee who seems to have a strong handle on all difficult situation.

3. “I need to get your opinion”


This is one of the ways to measure how good yourself is around people. If they keep asking for your opinion regarding something, then you’re a powerful person and your opinion matter. During meeting and discussion with your boss, he keeps asking for your opinion, well that’s an indicator that you’re making a positive impression. If your boss invites you for a meeting that is not related to you, then you should know that your boss believes in you and need your opinion.

4. “Don’t leave me, I need you!”


Your boss seems so stress out whenever you’re not around. He makes that cute little cat eyes whenever you ask for a leave due to something important. Wow, you must be someone so important to him. If your boss trust you and asks you to handle a lot of thing that you know not everyone can do it, then you’re doing good in your job. You’re the first one your boss turns to whenever he/she needs something taken care of. It’s a good sign that your manager views you as an important asset to the company.

5. You represent your company for any event


You’re sent to a talk or any event on behalf of your employer. You’re asked to head to a meeting with external partners. This is a big opportunity for you and take it as a challenge. Regardless of any situation, the message that your boss wishes to convey remains the same which is “you’re doing an awesome job and I’m comfortable working with you and select you to be an ambassador for the company.” Take that and keep it in your mind. Good job!

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