Blog: Phone Interview Tips

You receive a phone call regarding the job application. It means that your resume left enough of an impression to make the reader liked you. Yes, they really liked you and they’re trying to offer you a job. Hold on, there’s one more step before getting the job which is a phone call. It’s the second step after submitting your resume in the interview process. Don’t be scared, they just want to figure out if you fit the role.

The following are useful phone interview tips that you can use to improve your performance the next time a potential employer comes calling or even useful for job seekers who are expecting a call.

1. Find a quiet space


Avoid answering a phone interview in a train station, while you’re walking in a crowded place or outside in general. Find a quiet and peaceful place and take about 15 minutes before your interview to be comfortable and ready. Perhaps you want to take a glass of water, adjust your sitting and whatever that may help you comfortable.

2. Speak clearly, not rambling


The worst thing you can do during a phone interview is not knowing when you should listen. Alert for any verbal cues and when an interviewer asks you questions, don’t beat around the bush. Answer it straightforward. This is the exact time for the interviewer to get an opportunity to get to know you and to quickly align your skills to the job posting.

Phone interview only requires a short and brief answer, not long-winded answers because the person on the other line is going to furiously pen down notes. Save both time and save your breath.

3. “Can I have my lunch early at your company?”


This is your chance to ask any of the questions you might not be comfortable to ask during an in-person interview. Please don’t ask any nonsense questions like can I have my lunch early? I would like to take a week off right after I start working. They definitely will judge you.

4. Show more effort!


Always make sure that you always know how to end the conversation properly. Don’t just say see you or bye. You need to sum up back all the points and perhaps remind them back if they need any further questions, they can call you using that number or via email. Don’t waste the opportunity, by asking the interviewer how’s the phone interview, it shows that you’re legitimately interested in the opportunity.

Good luck!

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