Blog: How Employers Evaluate A Candidate

If you were a hiring manager, which one would you favour most? The candidate’s qualification or personality? Would you value their education level and their CGPA, or solely on their attractive personality?

Here’s the truth, while most organisations are on the lookout for employees with good qualifications, you can’t deny that great personalities win the hearts of employers. Yes, that’s true, employers will pick personality over qualification.

Personality beats qualification!

There’s a recent survey done by Jobstreet that showed 51% employers chose ‘great personality’ as the main criterion of a good employee and only 14% of them chose qualifications.

Hence, the reason why they still want to interview you face-to-face even though you’ve passed all the requirements. Hiring a new staff is an investment and surely they don’t want to waste such money on hiring the wrong person with a bad personality.

So what if you’re graduated from a top university with CGPA 4.0 if your attitude is like a 6-year-old boy? Many employers are starting to place higher value on employees with pleasing personalities. Skills and qualifications can be attained over time through training and work experience but not attitude and personality. Employees with the right attitude are hard to come by.

6 personality traits employers look for when hiring

1. Confidence

This is the trait that employers think most applicants are missing. You have such a strong resume in your hand but you’re afraid to make eye contact with the interviewer? Know that the first impression is extremely vital and they will quickly lose interest if you cannot look them properly in the eye. Believe in yourself!

2. Professionalism

The younger generation is known for having a bad attitude, or so some employers say. That’s the reason why 86% of companies rated professionalism as something they are seeking. Professionalism is not about you being too formal until you are cold as an ice. It’s not limited to the way someone carries herself at work, it’s more than just that. Dress appropriately for the interview and treat everyone with respect, this is how you want to be a professional person.

3. Openness to learning new things

Don’t be so rigid in your life! Open yourself to learn new things and new experiences. This personality promotes creativity, technical innovation and those who have this trait are easily trained.

The hiring manager briefs about the position and says that you might need to do some other tasks apart from your main job. Don’t be afraid and bluntly say no! If you agree, that means you don’t put a limit on yourself and you’re always seeking growth, taking risks and trying new things. The company would be happy to hire an ideal candidate like you.

4. Curiosity

This personality is demonstrated in 2 ways which are superior problem-solving and hunger for learning. Someone who has a higher level of curiosity wants to know the hows and whys of the workplace. They will keep up with new technologies and find innovative ways to solve problems. Believe in them, because they can bring a fresh perspective into the workplace.

5. Agreeableness

This is one of the personalities that employers really want. Why would they need someone who is agreeable? A person who is agreeable is open-minded, self-sacrificing, generous and trustworthy. This type of employee would be ideal for training new hires in the future. They are the backbone of the company. Are you the one?

6. Self-monitoring

They can work under minimum supervision and can do their task without even needing to be told or asked to do so. Perfect score! This is the type of individual who has a lot of challenge-result stories to share during an interview or simply shows the interviewers that he/she is capable of keeping his head up. Look at their eyes, burning with fire!

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