Blog: Best Way of Cover Letter To Increase Your Chances Toward 100%!

Is it really necessary to do a cover letter? Does every cover letter needs to start with “sir or madam”? What makes a cover letter the best of the best? After you wrote a couple of cover letters and get zero response, you might be able to tell what went wrong?

Sometimes, it doesn’t require a massive change, you just have to alter here and there and your job interview will skyrocket from 0 to 100% real quick! Want to know the formula behind it? Pstt, this is a secret between us okay?

1. Address the letter


Avoid being too general, starting your letter with “Sir or Madam” is not a good move. Instead, personally address the letter if you know who you’re sending the letter to. If by any chance you don’t know the contact information, don’t give up! Research the information until you find it. It shows that you do take initiative and that you’re serious about the job.

2. Tailor your cover letter


Don’t be basic guys. It’s really easy for a hiring manager to spot a cover letter that is copied from the internet. In order to stand out from all the copy-pasters, tailor your cover letter to each job that you apply. Explain why you want that job in particular.

3. Specify the keywords from the job advert


Please include job title, name of the company, and other important keywords from the job advert in your cover letter. Don’t forget to stress on your relevant qualifications and experience you possess that matches with the job.

4. Make it simple


Don’t over-exaggerate on your cover letter. Keep it simple and short, and make sure the hiring manager can easily spot all the keywords. Hey, remember that you have your resume with you right? So don’t repeat the same info in your cover letter. Just include major keywords only.

5. Lastly,Thank to them

End your cover letter with a boom! Thank them for their consideration and let them know that you’re looking forward to their prompt response.

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