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Kami memerlukan part time promoter untuk pameran kami pada 27 – 31/8/2016 Keperluan: Mahir Bahasa Malaysia dan English Mempunyai kemahiran komunikasi yang baik Mempunyai personality yang mesra dan menarik Boleh bekerja pada 27-31/8/16 (5 hari) Latihan akan disediakan Lokasi: Jalan Tun Razak (dekat IJN / HKL) Masa : 10am – 10pm (RM120 sehari) atau 12pm – 8pm syif bekerja (RM8 setiap jam)(minimum 6 jam) Perempuan yang berumur 18 tahun keatas dan warganegara Malaysia *** Sesiapa yang berminat hantar resume staffrecruitoffice@gmail.com atau call 013-206 1779 Ms Lim / Ms Choo Mobile 013-2061779 Salary RM120 SEHARI Location Jalan Tun Razak Working Hours 10am – 10pm Onsite Yes Needed Skills Promoter Start Date 2016/08/17 Duration 5 hari

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Employer Name: Camy Loke Contact: 0328585588 On Site: Yes Salary: RM7000+allowances Start Date: 19-08-2016 Working Hours: 8am -5pm Working Duration: 8am -5pm Skill Needed: chinese speaker Job Description: Business Development Responsibilities商业发展职责: ·         Must possess construction experience, preferably in civil construction projects 必须拥有建设方面的经验,优选土木工程项目方面的 ·         Must be willing to travel up to 80% of the time 必须愿意超过80%的时间在外地工作 ·         Uses proven sales techniques to develop plan and offer solutions 使用成熟的销售手法制定计划及提供解决方案 ·         Develops annual business development plan for target market sectors that meet the overall business goals and objectives and updates on a regular basis 针对目标市场制定并定期更新年度商业发展计划,以达到公司总体目标及目的 ·         Works closely with senior management team to integrate plan 与高级管理团队紧密合作以整合计划 ·         Researches and analyzes national market information, provides insight into competitor activity, emerging opportunities and geographical trends 研究及分析国家市场信息,深入了解竞争对手的行动、新机会及地域趋势 ·         Communicates and collaborates findings and information with executive management team 与执行领导团队沟通及协作资料及资讯 ·         Implements strategies and develops contacts  with general contractors, developers, E&P companies, midstream companies, civil engineers and government officials to position GCB as a recommended contractor  实行策略并与总包方、发展商、勘探与生产公司、中流公司、土木工程师及政府官员建立关系,以将公司定位成有诚信的承包商 ·         Offers fresh approaches and innovative solutions based on research and competitor feedback (lessons learned) for the purpose of continuous improvement 通过研究及经验发现并提供新做法及创新的解决方案以求持续的进步 Prospecting/Lead Generation/Pipeline Responsibilities: 方向/ 开发新客户/传递 ·         Establishes initial contact (both over the phone and in person) with decision makers, owners, company presidents, engineers and government officials 与抉择者、业主、公司总裁、工程师及政府官员建立初步关系 ·         Takes ownership of interaction with prospects to uncover needs and project opportunities 有方向地自主交流以发现需求及项目机会 ·         Identifies prospects where GCB has a competitive advantage 辨识GCB有竞争优势的方向 ·         Qualifies potential opportunities early in the sales cycle ensuring opportunities are pursued in a timely fashion 在销售周期初辨识并及时获取潜在机会 ·         Collaborates and effectively communicates significant developments with internal management (divisional VP’s, company president, etc.) ensuring their involvement within appropriate opportunities 与内部管理部门(部门副总裁、公司总裁、其他)协调及有效沟通主要发展并确保他们参与适当的机会 ·         Updates contact management database to record contacts, document opportunities and track progress 更新联系管理资料库以记录联系方式、记载机会及跟踪进展 Networking/Branding/Marketing Responsibilities网络/品牌/营销职责: ·         Assists in branding and marketing strategies to enhance existing brand recognition and expand recognition into new markets 协助品牌及营销策略以提升现有品牌知名度及开拓新市场 ·         Builds relationships to ensure GCB and its capabilities are top of mind for potential customers and partners 与潜在客户及合作伙伴建立关系以确保 GCB成为他们的首选 ·         Assists in marketing collateral development and implementation and recommends improvements to current company marketing materials 协助市场行销发展与实行,并给予改进公司现有营销材料的建议 ·         Coordinates marketing efforts working closely with internal and external resources 调整市场营销工作以与内外部资源紧密配合 ·         Serves as a company role model and represents the company (as an attendee or a presenter) at trade shows, public relations events, community activities and other client-related events 作为公司的榜样及代表公司(出席或展示)商展、公关场合、社区活动及其他客户相关活动 ·         As an active member of local and national construction and other industry related organizations and associations 作为地方及国家建设及其他相关组织及协会的活跃成员 ·         Conducts all activities in accordance with the company’s mission statement and core values 按照公司的宗旨及核心价值执行所有活动 Qualifications/Requirements所需资格: – Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in marketing, business, engineering, or construction management 市场营销、商业、工程或施工管理方面的学士学位 – Must have a valid driver’s license and the ability to successfully complete post offer employment screenings including a drug test, MVR check, basic physical checks and criminal background check 必须持有有效驾照,并有能力完成就业测试包括药物测试、车辆记录检测、基本身体检查及犯罪背景调查 – Strong computer skills using Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook 电脑知识强,熟练微软Word、 Excel、Powerpoint及Outlook – Advanced skills using the Internet and CRM software (Cosential, etc.)    进阶使用网络及CRM软件(Cosential或其他) If you think you meet the above requirements and would like to take the challenge, please contacts Camy (03-2858-5588/5577) email your latest CV To camy@gcbmalaysia.com . 若您认为您符合上述要求并愿意接受挑战,请联络 Camy (03-2858-5588/5577)email your latest CV To camy@gcbmalaysia.com。

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Employer Name: Camy Loke Contact: 0328585588 On Site: Yes Salary: RM3500+ Start Date: NaN-NaN-NaN Working Hours: 8am -5pm Working Duration: 8am -5pm Skill Needed: 58100 Job Description: Required Qualification: Applicants must possess at least a Diploma/ Bachelor’s Degree/ Master’s Degree, Quantity Surveying or equivalent Required Skill(s): Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD or Gordon Required Language(s): English, Malay, Mandarin Senior Quantity Surveyor must possess at least 3 years of working experience in relevant field. However, Fresh Graduates with 1-2 years of work experience, or Assistant Manager are also welcomed to apply. – Applicants must be able to work in a team, and strong leadership qualities would be an advantage. – Willing to work hard, and work overtime when required. – Possess good communication and coordination skills, able to coordinate with customers, colleagues, consultants and contractors. – Able to complete work assigned on time. -Able to relocate between KL & Johor Responsibilities: – Involve in different phases of the project from the outset, to prepare cost budget, bill of quantities, tender report, assessment, variation, financial statement and final account – Ensure the building costs is managed within customers’ budget to conduct the construction efficiently – Coordinate with customers, colleagues, consultants and contractors – Build up and maintain the corporate image – Coordinate and work with working partners to complete all work given on time – Be punctual to work and attend meetings and appointments Other Benefits: – Allow to claim car parking fees on site – Allow to claim travelling fees, toll fees and car parking fees to attend meetings – Salary and bonus according to employee’s achievement and company’s performance – Other benefits to be announced from time to time • The Company strives to achieve employee satisfaction and provides conducive working environment, attractive incentives and remuneration to all staffs. If you feel like you meet the above requirements and would to take on the challenge, please contacts Camy :03-2858-5588/5577 or email your CV to ”camy@gcbmalaysia.com”

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Employer Name: Albert Chee Contact: +60135676661 On Site: Yes Salary: RM2000 – 3000 Start Date: 20-08-2016 Working Hours: Flexible Working Duration: Flexible Skill Needed: 47400 Job Description: JOIN US BECOME PART TIME / FULL TIME BABYSITTER -TURN YOUR HOUSE INTO BABYSITTING SERVICE AND EARN EXTRA INCOME . ENABLE PARENTS BOOK YOUR SERVICE ONLINE! JOIN US NOW @

RM2000 – 3000 for Looking for babysitter at Klang Valley,